Basic Members

As an Basic Members there are some limitations on the usage of the Geocaching Live API.

These are limitations of the API, not limitations of this app. All 3rd party apps using the official Geocaching Live API haves this limitations.

  • You can only search for traditional geocaches and have less filter possibilities. You can download any geocache type, if you know their GC-Code.
  • You can download up to three full geocache listings per 24 hour period. But you can view up to 6000 basic versions of geocaches in this period. For example basic versions does not include the descriptions, the waypoints and the logs.
  • Corrected coordinates can´t be uploaded to

The “Geocaching Classic” app does not habe this limitations but is deprecated and will soon be removed from the AppStore. The “Geocaching ®” app have nearly the same limitations. Instead limiting to three full geocache details the “Geocaching ®” limits the D/T ratings to 1.5 for basic members.