Looking4Cache as OpenSource

Thanks for all the feedback and understanding on my announcement to stop the development of L4C. I find it interesting how many asked for a further development as open source.

That’s fine for me! I would like to see 10 years of development continued. Whether it is then ‘only’ about maintenance in the sense of API or iOS changes, or new features or even a whole level of development reached, is left to the next generation of developers.

I’ve cleared it meanwhile with Groundspeak. From their side it can go on under certain organizational conditions with other developers. This includes that there is one (or more) responsible developers for the API, who sign the API agreement and then get the API keys for access the API.

Whether it then comes to a full release (without API keys) on GitHub or a ‘closed’ dev group on a private git server is not clear yet. This is also something that the new developers should be involved in deciding.

Maybe something about the development itself. I have written L4C in XCode in Objective C. As of today, it is about 90,000 lines of code, not including embedded libraries. Programming requires a Mac, as XCode only runs on macOS.

Also, a few topics have to be clarified, like the operation of the server (website, forum, map generation & download) and the Apple AppStore access. Also, under which license L4C should be published.

Also important will be the topic support, as already written. Maybe there are some experienced users who can answer questions and distinguish between help and bug/feature requests, so that it doesn’t all end up on the developers.

If you are interested in participating, please get in touch. Best here as a comment on Facebook, and a short mail to [email protected] that I got your mail adress. It’s also best to write briefly what experience you already have with iOS development or Objective C, or how you would like to contribute.

I would then, as soon as a few messages are there, organize a meeting with Doodle e.g. via Google Meet.

I stop development…

Dear users,

almost 10 years ago I started with the development of Looking4Cache and spent a lot of time with it. Since then, a lot has happened in my private life. I bought a house with my wife, renovated it by myself and created a wonderful garden. But the most important thing is that we got two children.

The time I can spend on L4C is therefore very limited. Therefore I have decided to stop developing L4C.

Looking4Cache Pro is available for free in the AppStore as of today.

I’m leaving the servers up, so that the offline maps can still be loaded. If you throw something into the tip jar (L4C Menu > Do Something Good) and contribute to the funding of the server, that would be nice.

But I ask you not to write me for support. This is the reason why I had to spend a lot of time and effort. The app is now “As it is”. Maybe a community will form in the forum or on Facebook to help each other.

L4C 4.3 is out – Discount for one week

This version contains the function that has been requested most often recently: Loading and modification of lists created on geocaching.com. With this feature you can e.g. arrange caches for a tour online and then transfer them very easily to your phone. Or simply put the caches in a todo list on the iPad and update them on the iPhone.

In addition I could finally implement the longest asked function, because there was a geocahcing.com API extension: Favourite points as percentage display. Finally, new caches are no longer disadvantaged by the FP rating compared to long-time caches.

In this version I have also significantly reworked the communication with geocaching.com. Blocking of the interface by sending data should no longer occur.

I have reduced L4C Pro by 50% until 09/07/20. So if you are still using the Lite, this week is a good time to switch.

L4C 4.0 is published – Telephone Jokers includes!

Today the new version 4.0 has been released. This brings a completely new developed geocaching.com communication and many new features.

One of them is quite interesting: If you have geocaching friends in your address book and set their geocaching name as their nickname, you can call them from L4C. It is possible to filter all downloaded logs of a cache for friends and geocachers in the address book. Finally Telephone Jokers 😉

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Presentation slides from Saarfuchs

At the Giga “Hamburg – Im Wandel der Zeit” Jörg gave a session about Looking4Cache as well as at big events in the last years. On his website he published the presentation slides (german language) updated for the new version 3.


Many thanks to Jörg for his engagement!