Version 1.0.2 available, Free delayed

Today version 1.0.2 was reviewed by Apple after 10 days delay. The review of the Pro version was successful and is now available on the AppStore.

Here is a list of changes: Forum – ChangeLog V1.0.2

The Free version contains a error in 1.0.2, so this update will not available in the AppStore. Sorry!

This weekend I will submit 1.0.3 to Apple, also includes these changes. I suggest this times the review goes faster, because there is no Independance Day between.

Offline Map for PROJECT: GeoGames

On the occasion of the Mega Event GC32012 this weekend in Leipzig I created a offine map for the neighborhood of the GeoGames. The map is compatible to Looking4Cache Pro.

The map includes the fairground and the city of Leipzig until zoom level 16. It is a OSM Mapnik map ( © OpenStreetMap contributors, CC BY-SA ).

Here is the download link: GeoGames.sqlitedb

I wish you a lot of fun!

Differences Pro and Free Version

On this topic several misunderstanding occurred. I want to resolve them.

The main difference between the free and pro version ist not the offline map. The free version is financed by a advertising banner on buttom of the map.

At the moment this ad does not appear because of wrong settings in the Apple portal. Soon the banner will appear.

There are several discussions on the current implementation of the offline maps (raster / tile images) that should discussed separated from the free and pro version. In future I will support vector maps on base of the filetype .osm. The background of the current implementation is, that there is no free vector map renderer on iOS. This I have to develop by myself or by license a commercial framework. I want to develop it by myself but this is work for several month. Because I want to release L4C this summer and there are also more important thinks to implement in this app, I use the current implementation of offline maps. 

GSAK and L4C

You can import gpx files created in GSAK to Looking4Cache. At the moment this is a little bit circuitous, so I created a manual for it: Import gpx files

Forum for Looking4Cache

I just added a forum to this page. There you get support and you can see the change logs of the versions. Also there is space to give suggestions and discuss coming functions.