International Geocaching Day Sale

Geocachers unite on August 18 to celebrate International Geocaching Day.

So I attend by give a discount of Looking4Cache Pro. This weekend it´s one price tier cheaper. From 8,99$ to 7,99$ or from 6,99€ to 5,99€.

Have fun with caching or nice events this weekend!


Preview: Images and local logs

Some news from the development.. I´m finished with the implementation of the trackables and went forward with the image upload while loging a cache. The image will be scaled before uploaded to GC, so it´s not so bad for the data connection.

As next I develop the upload of images to existing logs. This will be able out of the new area user profiles, in which you can see your complete log history.

New Log screen

The next new feature you can see on the screenshot is “Save log only local”. With this option you can store the inchoate log as an extended local field note. In the user profiles you can access the local stored logs, edit them again and send them if finished.

Preview: More Trackables

Some more images from the current development. Like mentioned before I integrate the trackables nearly complete. This was the cause to wait until version 1.1. Today you see some images from the new user profiles overview from which you can access your own trackables. Also there is one picture of the new dialog for loading and managing the cache lists.

Overview of the user profiles.
Preview User Profiles 1

My own profile. Here you get access to your trackables and the local fieldnotes.
(With place for a lot of more functions)
Preview User Profiles 2

Trackables of one user. All available: Inventory, Collection and your one ones.
Preview Trackables 1

The new combined dialog to load and manage cache lists. Notice the option ‘Refresh category’ :)
Preview Cache List

Preview: Log trackables

At the moment I am a little bit reclusive to develop version 1.1. One of the key features will be logging trackables. Here´s an foretaste:

Trackable overview within the cache details. By tapping a trackable the details will be displayed.
Preview Log Trackables 1

The new log screen. You can log each trackable for each registered user. The TB´s of the inventory I will add here too.
Preview Log Trackables 2

The details of one single trackable log.
Preview Log Trackables 3

Now I work on the profile page for each user. Here the own trackables and the inventory will be added. For each you can predefine a standard log. For example if you have a TB thats traveling with you, you can predefine that on each cache log it logs with ‘Visit’ and a standard text.

Geocaching Podcast

Today a interview about Looking4Cache was published on Geocaching Podcast. Here a link to the podcast: Geocaching Podcast

In the interview you hear that I was a little bit crabby..

Thanks a lot to Andy and Darryl for the interview.