Error found – Here is a workaround

By some users the new version stops working when it loads the tiles of a map. Most when you do not have a fast internet connection. In this case the App stays open, but does not respond to user actions. It should only occur when using OSM based maps or the Bing maps.

I corrected the error and will submit a new version to apple this weekend, containing also some other fixes.

As a workaround..

  • ..please download offline maps (map selection > scroll down > Map Download Center, after the install of the map activate it in the map selection). This is for Pro users only.
  • ..use the iOS maps instead.

Update: I send a update to apple on 06/21/2015. Hope it will be approved before the next weekend!

2 Comments on “Error found – Here is a workaround

  1. Eileen

    Just uploaded the latest update 11/3/15, now it won’t work at all on my iPad – screen is covered by a Google ad banner then screen view gets smaller and smaller and then it totally disappears. This doesn’t happen on my iPhone but now app is unusable on my iPad – can you fix this? Thanks

    • Thorsten

      I just fixed that bug. As I see it only appears on iPads running on iOS7. I will send a corrected version to Apple in the next days.

      Best, Thorsten

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