L4C 3.0 is published

Tonight the new version of Looking4Cache was released. I have already posted about the new features, so here is not much more. Only an info to the current update and informations how it goes on now.

Current update: If the app stays in the start screen for a longer time after the update, give it a few minutes. For very large databases the database migration takes a bit longer. Please don’t quit the app.

Looking4Cache 4.0: I’ve been working on the next big update for a few weeks now. Here I develop the integration in geocaching.com completely new. L4C then uses the new API from Groundspeak, which offers more possibilities. I don’t know if L4C 4.0 will be a nearly 1:1 representation of the previous functions, or if I will be able to integrate new functions (friends, fieldnotes, more trackable details) directly.

With L4C 3.0 (user interface and usability) and 4.0 (data in the background) the all-round renewal is complete and the technical basis for the next years will be established. The already announced feature iCloud Sync, which is most questioned, will follow after 4.0.

I wish you lots of fun with the new version and a good start into spring!

11 Comments on “L4C 3.0 is published

  1. Hörnfeldt

    I just downloaded the update and now I can’t start the app. When I try to open the app it stays on the start screen for about 20 seconds before the app just closes. I use an iPhone 7 with iOS 12.1.4

    • Thorsten

      I contacted you by mail.

      • Thierry

        Habe das selbe Problem wie Hörnfeldt mit meinem iPhone 5 IOS 10.3.3

        • Thorsten

          Hab Dir per Mail geantwortet..

  2. Wiering

    Nach dem Update kann ich nicht die Farbe ändern, bekomme alles in SCHWARZ angezeigt, also nichts lesbar. Wie kann ich den Style / Farbe ändern ???

    • Thorsten

      Beim ersten Start werden die neuen Styles angezeigt und man kann sich einen aussuchen. Vielleicht hast Du hier einen der Dark-Styles erwischt.

      Du Kannst in der Konfiguration (Menü oder auf der Listen-Hauptseite die Zahnräder oben rechts) im Bereich “Style” die Farbe ändern.

  3. Christian

    Ich kann nur eins sagen: TOP! Vielen Dank für die tolle App! Ich freu mich schon auf die 4.0.

  4. Barbara

    Die Neuerungen sind super geworden – noch bessere Handhabung und sehr übersichtliche Gestaltung. Ich bin auf 4.0 gespannt.

  5. Nuno

    I’m also having troubles with the upgrade… The app show the splash screen for a few seconds and then crashes.
    Looking in iTunes, I can see two files with updated times, but no other change.
    As for the files, I have:
    – database.sqlite (~467.3MB)(last changed today, at 15h22)
    – database.sqlite-shm (~128KB)(last changed every time I try to run L4C)
    – database.sqlite-wal (~125.5MB)(last changed every time I try to run L4C)

    I’m using an iPhone 6+, running latest iOS version (12.1.4).

    • Thorsten

      You got mail 😉

  6. Levy Blauw

    What a great new version. I love it. Finally some new colors and useful tweaks. Love the log templates!

    Doing great. Keep it up.

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