GPS Averaging App & new Version

Have you ever tried to get exact coordinates with your iPhone, like for placing your next tupper? If yes, you may know how hard this is without a averaging function.

Today my third app was released! With it you can record coordinates every second, jumps will be filtered out automatically. For each station you can make several measures which will be averaged.

One of my beta testers compared it to his GPSr and get nearly the same locations. I wish you pleasure by placing your next Geocache.

Here is a link to the AppStore: GPS Averaging


Also the version 2.0.2 of Looking4Cache is in review by Apple. In this version the current known bugs will (hopefully) been solved. Also there will be a surprise function that was frequently requested in the last weeks.

18 Comments on “GPS Averaging App & new Version

  1. Richard

    Is there an instruction manual for the GPS Averaging app?
    I just bought it. It seems intuitive at first, but then it gets all different colored x’s and other things that need explaining.

    • Thorsten

      I will add a manual in the next version, also for things around the app like best practices.

      The red X means a measure point which is deactivated (unchecked in the list). This measure point is not used for the calculation.

  2. Richard

    Thanks! How can I clear past averagings off the list?

    • Thorsten

      Just swipe it 😉

  3. Greg

    Just downloaded this app on my iPhone 5c running the latest iOS 8. No map ever appears even after trying different ones and after collecting coordinates for over a minute the result was a bunch of zeros.

    The app is completely broken.

    • Thorsten

      Can you go to the iOS settings and check if “GPS Averaging” is allowed to access your location? Sounds like this right is missing.

  4. Olov

    Still no instructions? 🙁

    Would be nice with a 161-meter circle around the waypoint. Possibility to toggle it on and off to would be great. Integration with with 161-meter circles on existing caches would be a killer feature!

  5. smy


    GPS Averaging hasn’t been updated for a while. Is it working fine on iOS 10/iPhone 7 ?

    Thank you

    • Thorsten


      it just runs, so there was no cause to perform a update. The UI is upscaled on bigger screens, but the measurement of coordinates works well.

      Best, Thorsten

    • Thorsten


      yes, it´s working fine also in the new iOS versions.

      Best, Thorsten

  6. smy

    Ok, thank you Thorsten

  7. McGyver

    Can you PLEASE allow the user to change the format to DECIMAL degrees?

    The format of degrees and decimal minutes is primarily used for nautical navigation, where a minute of latitude is a nautical mile. Also, if you do this, please allow the program to display the averaged value to 8 decimal places (DD.dddddddd). I need to perform very long averages (several hours to as much as several days) for some experimental work, and I need to have this type of resolution available.

    Yes, I know that the least significant digits will not always be accurate, depending upon the length of average done!!

    I just purchased this application, and am very disappointed that the averaged value is only displayed to 3 decimal minutes. I am a land surveying professional in the state of Georgia (United States), with a professional registration, so I hope you will take this suggestion seriously.

  8. Paul

    Good day and thanks for developing such a useful app.
    Do i need to set screen auto-lock to NEVER for it to continue sampling? I only ask because my phone locked after 1 minute and it only seemed to get about 60 readings. Or Is there a way it can run in background with screen off? Also app seemed to crash when my phone went into Low-power mode (may have been coincidence though)
    BR Paul

  9. Bob

    Only 5 digits after decimal in DD.DD??!! Really? Not adequate. Should be 6 digits.

  10. Nigel

    Why are hints not available on the lite version on iPhone?

    They used to be .

  11. Franz

    Ich versuche SEIT STUNDEN ein Konto zu eröffnen. Warum funktioniert das nicht????????????????????????

    • Thorsten


      wo versuchst Du ein Konto zu eröffnen? Bei für die Verwendung innerhalb von Looking4Cache? Wenn ja, das funktioniert hier:

  12. Hddud

    Kannst du die GPS Averaging app auch für Android machen?
    Da gibt es nix mehr was gut funktioniert um einen Cache einzumessen.