New App: AMAZE

Since yesterday night a new Geocaching App called AMAZE is available on the AppStore. For Android it´s available since about one month. I´ve developed the iOS app in cooperation with DEMCOM-Networks, how already released other geocaching apps for Android.

AMAZE is not a app to search and find Geocaches like in the official app or Looking4Cache. It´s for finding the best Geocaches that matches the Geocachers needs.

With AMAZE you can search for the best Geocaches categorized. We created categories like Family Geocaches, Hiking Geocaches, Climbing Geocaches, Night Geocaches or Geocache-ToGo. Each Geocache can belong to one or several categories. The categorization is done by other AMAZE users who already found the Geocache. Or by the owner who knows best that he intent when placing the Geocache. If no user categorization is available for a Geocache (what is normal in this early stage) the app processes the attributes of the Geocache and tries to add it to a category.

The second part of AMAZE is a detailed rating system. It´s nearly like GCVote, where you can give a cache up to five stars. In AMAZE we added also a five star rating system, broken down to characteristics of the Geocache: Area, Manufacture, Puzzle Quality, Stations and Final. In the app the details ratings will be shown, but also a calculated overall rating (based on the AMAZE ratings, GCVote and FP´s).

The motivation for this App was the liking of us developers. I like short Hiking Geocaches, best with technical stages. Or short before I have a appointment out of office I need a Geocache-ToGo doable in a suit (like a traditional with a small terrain rating). Normally I have to search for my Geocache lists, with AMAZE this should change.

Here are some links:
AMAZE Pro Android
AMAZE Lite Android

AMAZE Lite for iOS is in review by Apple and will follow soon.

And some infos about DEVCOM-Networks ( Facebook | Google+ ) :
There are three other apps for Android released by Paul and Tom.

  • TJ.Hooker manages your Geocaching contacts and offers you the search who already found a specific Geocache. Telephone Jokers..
  • GeoFormel helps you by solving the math from multi Geocaches.
  • With Watch GEOFriends you get a overview about your geocaching friends.

  1. Oliver

    Hey, echt gelungene App, aber zwei Fragen dazu.
    Kann man in der App auch falsche Kategorien verbessern? z.B: Caches die als LP eingeordnet sind, aber keine LPs sind.
    Gibt es dazu auch ein Firefox plugin? Denke Mal, wenn man nur auf die Handy-Nutzer setzt wird die Datenbank sich nur langsam füllen…