L4C V2.3: Corrected coordinates and much more

I wan´t to give you a short preview of the current development process for version 2.3.

The main feature will be a dialog to solve mysteries/puzzle and multi caches. In this you can enter corrected coordinates and personal notes, which will be uploaded to Groundspeak. Also you can take images directly to caches, best for remarks and hints of multi caches. As the fourth tab variables will follow.

I realized it as a dialog that stay on top also if you navigate to other parts of the app. So you can read the cache description, get the needed informations and enter them.

The cache description will be parsed for geo checkers, and if available they will be displayed as a link. The entered coordinated will be automatically filled in.

If you set a cache as target, you can open the dialog with a additional button from the tabbar. This I done for completing multi caches.

What I need is a short name for this function. It should show that there are multiple tools inside to solve/complete a cache. Maybe you have a good idea?

At the end of the video you see a DNF icon. If you log a DNF the cache will be marked in the list and on the map with a DNF icon. To know about the DNF when you load the cache the next time (your log will be outside the loaded max. 30 logs after some months), the DNF will also written to your personal notes.

Also I redeveloped the GPX import form the ground up. It is much more faster, under 30 seconds for 1000 caches on the iPhone 6, also if you have several thousand caches in the database. It imports corrected coordinates and personal notes of GPX files exported by iCaching and GSAK too. And at least, L4C can now load GGZ files.

Looking4Cache – V2.3 Development Preview

7 Comments on “L4C V2.3: Corrected coordinates and much more

  1. Christian

    Das klingt alles sehr klasse. Dann kann ich ja bald GC Budy für Multis runter werfen :).
    Wie wäre es mit “Mulit-Helper”, “Mysterie-Helper”, “Mysterie/Multi-Solver” als Name für die neue Funktion?

    • Hessi-T

      Heute kam das Update auf 2.3. Die Variablen-Funktion hat mich auch sehr interessiert. Also mal fix ein paar Testdaten eingegeben. Leider kann man noch nicht auf andere Apps verzichten.
      B=A+1 –> 2
      C=B*2 –> 4
      D=C-1 –> 4
      Mache ich da was falsch?

  2. Ixion211

    Looks like some very useful new stuff in progress here!

    Perhaps you could simply call the new popup tool: “Cache Solver” / “Cache Löser”. It would make it clear that this option is a power tool that helps solving the caches when in the field.

    • Thorsten

      I like ‘Cache Solver’. It is open enough for future tools..

  3. Frank

    Super klasse! Die App wird immer besser und läßt bald keine Wünsche mehr offen ;-))
    Gibt es schon einen Termin wann die Version veröffentlicht wird ?

    Ich freue mich schon auf die neuen Funktionen inkl Hillshades ;-))

    Besten Gruß,

    • Thorsten

      Einen festen Termin gibt es nicht. Es sind noch einige Punkte zu entwickeln und die Beta Tests stehen noch aus. Ich gehe ganz grob von Ende Januar 2016 aus.

      • Christian

        Suchst du eigentlich noch Leute für einen Betatest :)?

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