While Christmas: L4C Pro and GPS Averaging reduced by 50%

I would have liked to place a new version under your christmas tree. But there are to many features open.

Over Christmas I reduced the price for Looking4Cache Pro and GPS Averaging by 50%. L4C Pro will be $3,99 till December 26th. So if you just use the lite version or a other app, or maybe friends of you are still undecided, know is the perfect time to change. Reduced and hopefully several easy days to teach-in.

GPS Averaging, a app to measure precise coordinates, is reduced to $0,99. Perfect for placing new caches for 2016.

I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas!

2 Comments on “While Christmas: L4C Pro and GPS Averaging reduced by 50%

  1. Jennifer

    Oh darn I missed it with one day, I have to try Lite for a little bit longer. It seems to be a great app, Thanks and Happy New Year! /jeneri (in Sweden)

  2. Dave

    nettest Angebot :), leider verpasst fürs Averaging Tool,
    die L4CP App ist super! danke für die Mühe der Pflege und Programmierung :)

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