L4C´s 2nd birthday

L4C´s 2nd birthday

Exactly two years ago the first version of Looking4Cache was released. Because of this I reduced the price for all my apps for one week.

  • Looking4Cache Pro is over 50% cheaper.
  • GPS Averaging is the whole week for Free!
  • In mAPP I´ve reduced the big map-packs (Continents and the World-Wide-Flatrate) and some country maps over 50%.

Now after finished my work on AMAZE I will spend more time on Looking4Cache. First clear the neglected support and then developing a small update.

New App: AMAZE

New App: AMAZE

Since yesterday night a new Geocaching App called AMAZE is available on the AppStore. For Android it´s available since about one month. I´ve developed the iOS app in cooperation with DEMCOM-Networks, how already released other geocaching apps for Android.

AMAZE is not a app to search and find caches like in the official app or Looking4Cache. It´s for finding the best caches that matches the cachers needs.

With AMAZE you can search for the best caches categorized. We created categories like Family Caches, Hiking Caches, Climbing Caches, Night Caches or Cache-ToGo. Each cache can belong to one or several categories. The categorization is done by other AMAZE users who already found the cache. Or by the owner who knows best that he intent when placing the cache. If no user categorization is available for a cache (what is normal in this early stage) the app processes the attributes of the cache and tries to add it to a category.

The second part of AMAZE is a detailed rating system. It´s nearly like GCVote, where you can give a cache up to five stars. In AMAZE we added also a five star rating system, broken down to characteristics of the cache: Area, Manufacture, Puzzle Quality, Stations and Final. In the app the details ratings will be shown, but also a calculated overall rating (based on the AMAZE ratings, GCVote and FP´s).

The motivation for this App was the liking of us developers. I like short Hiking Caches, best with technical stages. Or short before I have a appointment out of office I need a Cache-ToGo doable in a suit (like a traditional with a small terrain rating). Normally I have to search for my cache lists, with AMAZE this should change.

Here are some links:
AMAZE Pro Android
AMAZE Lite Android

AMAZE Lite for iOS is in review by Apple and will follow soon.

And some infos about DEVCOM-Networks ( Facebook | Google+ ) :
There are three other apps for Android released by Paul and Tom.

  • TJ.Hooker manages your Geocaching contacts and offers you the search who already found a specific cache. Telephone Jokers..
  • GeoFormel helps you by solving the math from multi caches.
  • With Watch GEOFriends you get a overview about your geocaching friends.

GPS Averaging App & new Version

GPS Averaging App & new Version

Have you ever tried to get exact coordinates with your iPhone, like for placing your next tupper? If yes, you may know how hard this is without a averaging function.

Today my third app was released! With it you can record coordinates every second, jumps will be filtered out automatically. For each station you can make several measures which will be averaged.

One of my beta testers compared it to his GPSr and get nearly the same locations. I wish you pleasure by placing your next cache.

Here is a link to the AppStore: GPS Averaging


Also the version 2.0.2 of Looking4Cache is in review by Apple. In this version the current known bugs will (hopefully) been solved. Also there will be a surprise function that was frequently requested in the last weeks.

Thank-you discount

Thank-you discount

Nearly a month ago I released the version 2.0 of my geocaching app. This updates brought a complete revised user interface and a lot of new functions requested by the community.

The first bugfixes are done. Out of the community I got a lot of support and the amount of good reviews and 5 star ratings (at least here in Germany) showed me, that the lot of work during the winter was worthwhile.

To welcome the early spring (also at least here in Germany :lol: ) and say thanks encouragements I will drop the price over 50%. For one week the Pro version will cost only $3.99 instead of $8.99.

Have fun outside, Thorsten

Looking4Cache gets a major update

Looking4Cache gets a major update

Finally! After nearly a half year of coding and testing the generally recondition and extended version 2.0 of L4C goes live.

In this version I spend a lot of attention on the usability but also done some functions requested frequent since a long time. I hope you will like it.

When starting the new version the first time you will see a welcome screen containing a video. If you installed a update you will see the “Whats new” video. In terms of usability I also created a “First steps” video for fresh installs.

Here you can see them too:
Video – First Steps (en)
Video – Whats new in V2.0 (en)

Have a lot of fun when caching with the new version and hopefully not to much trouble with the sure existing bugs ;)

mAPP – offline mapping app

mAPP – offline mapping app

I just released my second app: mAPP. It is a offline mapping app and a gpx track recorder.

mAPP is designed for all people leaving the big streets and need orientation like hikers, cyclists, geocachers and backpacking tourists.

The app itself can be downloaded for free from the AppStore. Functions like displaying online maps from OpenStreetMap and OpenCycleMap, recording and displaying of tracks and saving waypoints are included.

For small fees (InApp Purchases) you can download offline topo maps of the whole world. There is a map for every country worldwide or for bigger countries maps for each state. This maps are saved in a space saving vector format and contains nearly all details of OpenStreetMap. Also included are contour lines I calculated from NASA data. The maps will be refreshed each month.

For the start the maps of the german speaking countries are reduced about 50%.

mAPP in the AppStore

Also you can see it as a sneak preview for the new design and the topo maps of L4C 2.0 which will be released in the next days.


Offline Vector Maps

Offline Vector Maps

Since some days Looking4Cache has a new interesting feature: Vector Maps!

Within the app you can download maps for nearly the whole world out of the Download Center. Large Countries divided in their states to keep the file sizes small. If you downloaded a map once, you can use them within the app for offline geocaching.

In the new version there are to display modes of the maps:

  • In the ‘Live’ mode each map section will be rendered in the requested zoom level. This is very detailed and always sharp. Depending on the device and the requested zoom (the amount of details to show) this takes some time to render.
  • In the second (and new) mode small images will be rendered in 22 zoom levels as soon as they should displayed. This images will be saved to a cache database in the same way you maybe know from the online maps. If you want to view a already rendered area for a second time, L4C uses the cached images. By this technic the viewing is approximately as fast and smooth as a online OSM map with a fast internet connection. 

There is one remaining bug in the vector maps: If you use the vector maps a long time without restarting the app it can crash. This mostly occurs when switching between maps or changing the render mode. After starting the app again you can use the app again. I am already working on a fix for this issue, but I think also with this the vector maps are a benefit for the app.