Watch GEOFriends

Watch GEOFriends

Watch what your Geocaching Friends did last time.

If you care, which caches your Geocaching friends have successfully found last, or which Event they will visit next…
… then this App is just right for you!

You can directly add your friends or import them through the Safari Extension from your Friends List out of the Geocaching homepage. You will see the last Logs of your friends. If you activate the background mode, you also get a notification if your friends logs new caches.

The announced special feature is the Event calendar. The last 50 „Will Attend“-Logs of your friends will be displayed in a calendar.
This app is originated by DEVCOM-Networks, who released the Android version nearly a year ago. In teamwork with them also AMAZE was created.

We wish you a lot of fun with this app!

Here a link to the App

New version and new app

New version and new app

Next day I will start get deeper in the development of Looking4Cache again.

For the next release native support of 64 bit devices is necessary by Apple. To get this I have to update some frameworks, what is not a easy task. The biggest work is that I have to redesign the communication with the Geocaching Live API. Also I have the update a lot of the current UI to support the the resolutions of the new iPhones.

I will join this „maintenance operations“ with the development of the last original planned functions. Some of them are the iCloud sync and notices and corrected coordinate upload to Groundspeak.

A mountain of work I will share over the next months. So please do not expect this update in a short time. I would like to take the time for a decent version.

Tomorrow you will see a surprise app! Beside that I like the idea of this new app, especially one of the functions, it is also a preparation for the new L4C version. This app already contains a part of the new communication with the GC Live API, the 64 bit technology and adaptive display resolutions (iPhone 6/6+). So I can test this without a open-heart surgery in L4C.

Current status and a good new Year!

Current status and a good new Year!

To the end of the year I will give you a briefly summary of my current work.

Since some weeks I want to release Version 2.1.4 to fix the crash when opening Trackables. Also this Version will improve the GPX export and the filter on geocache lists. Unfortunately I got some delays with the app review. I hope that they get resolved quickly in 2015.

In the last days I put some attention to the offline vector maps. In the next version you will see the following:

  • No more crashes when using the cached-tiles rendering option.
  • Every map gets additional 5 kilometers around their borders.
  • A revised map theme (for example the display of city names, the width of streets and some color changes).
  • Another better readable font.
  • Reliable coastlines.
  • New category “Special maps” for tracks like the Appalachian Trail.

I wish you and youfamilies all the best for the New Year.

Version 2.1.1

Version 2.1.1

With the update to version 2.1.1 the convert of the database works by most of the users. But by some users the database file itself is corrupted and so also the new version did not help.

When the App does not start even if version 2.1.1 is installed, only the deletion of the database or a reinstall of L4C will help. For this I wrote a FAQ entry: FAQ: App does not start after the update

Sorry that the Update to 2.1 brings such problems to some of you!

The cause why this happened I have found and fixed, so I am confident that this will be no problem on the next update containing a database migration. To be on the save side I will add a backup function in a following release.

Version 2.1 and Crashes

Version 2.1 and Crashes

This weekend I released a new version of Looking4Cache. In this version the from many users long awaited Live Map was added.

Unfortunately the pleasure about the new functions was clouded by crashes after the update by a lot of users. Meanwhile I found the cause and will send a corrected version to apple today.

If your interested in the background: It is because for some of the new functions a database migration is needed. This takes to long by some installations and the App crashes. By my devices and my beta testers this worked well, but there is a difference between 30 test devices and thousands of installations out there.

As soon as you installed the new version (2.1.1) the database will be converted. Depending on the size of the database this can take up to several minutes. While this the App will “freeze” in the splash screen. Please do not stop L4C while this – just let it run.

On this point I will refer to the option “Maintain Database” in the configuration. If you use this function regular L4C will run faster because the database will be compacted.

L4C´s 2nd birthday

L4C´s 2nd birthday

Exactly two years ago the first version of Looking4Cache was released. Because of this I reduced the price for all my apps for one week.

  • Looking4Cache Pro is over 50% cheaper.
  • GPS Averaging is the whole week for Free!
  • In mAPP I´ve reduced the big map-packs (Continents and the World-Wide-Flatrate) and some country maps over 50%.

Now after finished my work on AMAZE I will spend more time on Looking4Cache. First clear the neglected support and then developing a small update.

New App: AMAZE

New App: AMAZE

Since yesterday night a new Geocaching App called AMAZE is available on the AppStore. For Android it´s available since about one month. I´ve developed the iOS app in cooperation with DEMCOM-Networks, how already released other geocaching apps for Android.

AMAZE is not a app to search and find caches like in the official app or Looking4Cache. It´s for finding the best caches that matches the cachers needs.

With AMAZE you can search for the best caches categorized. We created categories like Family Caches, Hiking Caches, Climbing Caches, Night Caches or Cache-ToGo. Each cache can belong to one or several categories. The categorization is done by other AMAZE users who already found the cache. Or by the owner who knows best that he intent when placing the cache. If no user categorization is available for a cache (what is normal in this early stage) the app processes the attributes of the cache and tries to add it to a category.

The second part of AMAZE is a detailed rating system. It´s nearly like GCVote, where you can give a cache up to five stars. In AMAZE we added also a five star rating system, broken down to characteristics of the cache: Area, Manufacture, Puzzle Quality, Stations and Final. In the app the details ratings will be shown, but also a calculated overall rating (based on the AMAZE ratings, GCVote and FP´s).

The motivation for this App was the liking of us developers. I like short Hiking Caches, best with technical stages. Or short before I have a appointment out of office I need a Cache-ToGo doable in a suit (like a traditional with a small terrain rating). Normally I have to search for my cache lists, with AMAZE this should change.

Here are some links:
AMAZE Pro Android
AMAZE Lite Android

AMAZE Lite for iOS is in review by Apple and will follow soon.

And some infos about DEVCOM-Networks ( Facebook | Google+ ) :
There are three other apps for Android released by Paul and Tom.

  • TJ.Hooker manages your Geocaching contacts and offers you the search who already found a specific cache. Telephone Jokers..
  • GeoFormel helps you by solving the math from multi caches.
  • With Watch GEOFriends you get a overview about your geocaching friends.