5th birthday and discount

Today, exactly 5 years ago, the first version of Looking4Cache was released. In the last years a hobby project has become a grown geocaching app, which is today probably one of the most comprehensive ever.

Because of the birthday I lower the price for L4C Pro to $2.99 or €3.99. The InApp purchases I lower to $0.99 or €0.99. If you are a GSAK user and you have not the GSAK import yet is the best opportunity now. The offer runs until 06/25/2017.

After spending the last year mainly on improvements in the background, stability and the new offline maps, my attention will lie on the UI and the user experience.

  1. luber2410

    Happy B-Day! DFDSA! (Danke Für Die Suuuuper App – ;-))) ) Freue mich schon auf weitere Entwicklung! Danke für Deine Zeit!!! …sagt luber2410