GPS Averaging Version 2.0

Today I released a new version of GPS Averaging. In addition to a new and fresh UI, many suggestions by users have been implemented.

  • Offline Maps: If you have downloaded offline maps in Looking4Cache Pro or mAPP, you can now use them in GPS Averaging too.
  • Coordinate formats: You can select between different coordinate formats. These are decimal, DMM, DMS, UTM and Swiss Grid.
  • Export: GPX files can be transferred to other apps. Single coordinates can be copied to the clipboard.
  • Help: A help within the app explains the averaging coordinates.

Here is a link to GPS Averaging on the AppStore.

mAPP Version 2.0

mAPP has received a basic revision. Many small functions have been added, but the simple and clear interface has been preserved.

mAPP 2 has new offline maps. Therefore, the maps must be reloaded after installation. The filesizes are about 5 times smaller than the existing ones and contain even more details and a clearer presentation.

  • Waypoints: These can now be grouped into categories. It is possible to create new waypoints with a long tap on the map. Existing waypoints can be moved by drag & drop.
  • Tracks: Have got a detailed view, which gives a short preview and the altitude profile. In addition, GPX files can now be imported directly from file apps such as iCloud Drive, Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Looking4Cache Pro: Shares the maps with mAPP. No matter in which app these are downloaded, they are available in both. This saves storage space when both apps are used.
  • Surface: Completely redesigned, more colorful and still easy to use. Optimal display usage on all devices.
  • Costs: The prices for offline maps were significantly reduced.
  • OCM: Unfortunately, I had to remove OpenCycleMap.

Here is a link: mAPP at the AppStore

5th birthday and discount

Today, exactly 5 years ago, the first version of Looking4Cache was released. In the last years a hobby project has become a grown geocaching app, which is today probably one of the most comprehensive ever.

Because of the birthday I lower the price for L4C Pro to $2.99 or €3.99. The InApp purchases I lower to $0.99 or €0.99. If you are a GSAK user and you have not the GSAK import yet is the best opportunity now. The offer runs until 06/25/2017.

After spending the last year mainly on improvements in the background, stability and the new offline maps, my attention will lie on the UI and the user experience.

V2.4 Released

Finally the time has come: iOS 10.3 has been released and as promised, now you get the new version 2.4 of Looking4Cache.

Here’s the video of the new features:

Looking4Cache 2.4 – New in this version

This version uses a new tiny map format. Please keep in mind to re-download your offline maps before searching for tuppers.

I wish you a lot of fun outside with the new version.

V2.4 – Preview

In the last days many users asked when I will release version 2.4, here is an update on the status.

During the beta test, it has emerged that the reasons for the crashes since IOS 10 still exist. The cause of this, however, can only be fixed by Apple themselves what they will do with iOS 10.3.

The new version of L4C is finally done. But since I’m not sure if an update before IOS 10.3 can affect more users, I’m still waiting for the (hopefully soon) release of iOS 10.3.

To increase the thrill of anticipation even further, here a couple of info about new features:

161 Meter Circles:
L4C 2.4 - 161 Meter CiclesYou can optionally show distance circles on the map. When L4C is sure that some distance for new caches is needed (Tradis, puzzles with corrected coordinates, physical waypoints..) it is a solid line. If L4C is not sure (Mutlis can start with a virtual stage, unsolved mysteries..) it is a dotted line.

Mark Caches: Mark a cache by long tapping it on the list. This will make it shown orange colored in all the lists and on the map. Of course you can also filter for this. A user flag of GSAK will also set a mark.
L4C 2.4 - Markierungen  L4C 2.4 - Markierungen

Spotlight Search:
L4C 2.4 - SpotlightYou can enter GC-Codes or cache name directly into spotlight. If this cache was ever loaded in L4C (since the update), these will be displayed.

File Picker: You can directly choose files from apps like DropBox, iCloud Drive or ownCloud.

Last but not least: GSAK Database Import!
This function will be available as InApp purchases for US$ 2,99. With this you can import complete GSAK DB3 files, which eliminates the detour through GPX or GGZ files. It imports almost all of the informations existing in GSAK, including corrected coordinates, the user-flag, pictures (after the import they will be downloaded from the internet) and many more. The Import is also very fast, on an iPhone SE about 10.000 caches per minute.