L4C Pro Test

In the new released version 2.3.3 of Looking4Cache Lite you have the chance to test the most function of the Pro version for 45 days. When starting the app the first time you will be asked if you want to join the test.

Some functions that are close to the iOS system I can´t provide in the test, like the Safari Extension and the ‘Open in..’ function for GPX files.

Here is a list with the differences between Lite and Pro: Differences Lite and Pro Version

Revise my English translation

Most of you recognize that English is not my native language when using Looking4Cache. I give my best to provide a proper translation, but I think this will not satisfy a native speaker.

And that is way I ask you to help me if you are a good English speaker. I created a webpage where you can view and revise my own translation.

The translation page: translate.looking4cache.com
A short manual: Manual

Thanks for all your help!

Differences Lite and Pro Version

A lot of Looking4Cache Lite users did not know the differences to the Pro Version. Maybe because I missed to communicate them in a full and detailed list.

For this I added a new page showing the differences: → Summary of the extended features

L4C V2.3: Released and help if it crashes

Finally the work of the last three months is live. Looking4Cache got a major update to version 2.3.

This Version has a lot of new features. The most important of these: Hillshades, Cache Solver (Corrected Coordinates, personal Notes, Images for Caches, Variables for Multis), Proximity alert, 3D Touch Quick Action, Individual maps, a new developed GPX and GGZ Import..


If you have a crash after searching for Geocaches perform this steps: Open the configuration and go to “Manage users”. Open your user (or your main user if you have several users) and activate “Main user”.


Looking4Cache 2.3 – New in this version

While Christmas: L4C Pro and GPS Averaging reduced by 50%

I would have liked to place a new version under your christmas tree. But there are to many features open.

Over Christmas I reduced the price for Looking4Cache Pro and GPS Averaging by 50%. L4C Pro will be $3,99 till December 26th. So if you just use the lite version or a other app, or maybe friends of you are still undecided, know is the perfect time to change. Reduced and hopefully several easy days to teach-in.

GPS Averaging, a app to measure precise coordinates, is reduced to $0,99. Perfect for placing new caches for 2016.

I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas!